Settling With Power?

This is a place for me to put down some of the things I’ve been thinking about, and I’ll be writing on a more philosophical tip rather than a technical angle. Technical writing will go on my company web site.

So why Settling With Power? What does it mean? Settling with Power is a term from helicopter flight actually. The helicopter blades are blowing air downwards to help push the helicopter upwards. If you’re hovering, and begin to descend, you can descend the helicopter into the same air you just pushed down. Since you can’t generate lift from air that is moving in the same direction as you, the helicopter will begin to descend faster. If you try and stop the descent, by applying more power, you’ll generate more air moving downwards. The air will also be moving downwards faster, which once again, you descend into. The more power you try and apply, the faster you descend. To get out of this uncontrolled descent, you have to stop fighting the descent and move forward.

This seems analogous to how I see the world at this moment. There’s a lot of energy being spent fighting certain trends, like globalization, and immigration, and a changing world where coal mining and manufacturing are far less important. What we need to be doing is moving forwards out of our decline, instead of trying to fight the downward descent directly. I know how this is written may seem to disregard the people effected by these changes. I’m not advocating for a libertarian outlook where we abandon those who’ve are impacted by economic changes, I believe we can and should do something for people in our society who are affected by various declines. But I don’t believe that the solution is trying to maintain the importance of various declining industries.

I could go on, and I may in another post, but I’m going to leave this as an explanation of the name.

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